quinta-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2008

LAY-OUT - Desenho de cenários

A lay-out I did for the film Asterix and the Vikings,before we go into animation.I was visiting the blog of Marcos Mateu Mestre,key layout man for the film(one of my favorite blogs by the way),and decided to follow his example and post some work for this film,very soon I will post some of the animation I did,and the link to Marcos's blog off course.

Um lay-out que fiz para o filme Asterix e os Vikings,antes de começarmos na animação.Estava visitando o blog de Marcos Mateu Mestre,um dos principais desenhistas de locação do filme(e um dos meus blogs favoritos),e decidi seguir o exemplo dele e postar alguns trabalhos desse filme,logo vou postar algumas animações e claro,o link para o blog do Marcos.

3 comentários:

Marcos Mateu disse...

Hi Douglas, the key layout you used for this one wasn't mine. I did a few key layouts for the gaul village, but most of them were for the viking world, as was all the design work I did for the movie.
Anyway, it's great to see this material posted, it definitely brings back a lot of good memories!
Hope to see more.

Marcos Mateu disse...

Well, I just posted some new stuff.
Was that key shot mine? wasn't it? I have doubts now...

Douglas Ferreira disse...

thanks for the visit Marcos!I was cheking that key,on my models package,aparently it wasn't yours after all,I couldn't find your signature! I will check your new Vikings stuff right now!